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My name is Ryan Lake and it is my job to provide you with an ethical car buying experience.

I understand the kind of role that car salesman have in stereotypes—I have seen those realities personally—however, I do not believe that a simple service should have clients anxious about whether they are being manipulated. Especially men and women who are in the United States military.

It is my goal to make a base livable wage to stay in Japan while assisting service men and women get home to their families as soon as they step onto land.

I have an open and honest open door policy. I want you to be comfortable and assured in your decisions; not panicked or distressed. Please view some of the links provided below from USAA. If you have any questions, please shoot me an email or schedule a phone call with me. No obligations.

Car Buying Tips from USAA

Two Minute Video Tips

Check out our short videos as you're preparing to get that new ride.


Financing Your Vehicle

Get what you need to know as you're trying to secure financing.


Getting Started

Check out everything from when to buy to how much you can expect for your current car.


Insuring Your Vehicle

Auto insurance is more than a bill. Learn about safety features, driver distractions and more.


Finding Your Vehicle

See what kind of car or truck can be the right fit for you and your budget.



From maintenance to your title, see what you need to know once you own a vehicle.

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